Lunch Special Served with two pot stickers and sweet sauce.

S1. Chicken Basil – Chicken sautéed with basil leaves, onion, red and green bell peppers in House sauce...$12.95
S2. Chicken with Garlic Sauce – Chicken sautéed in garlic sauce, served with broccoli and mixed vegetables...

S3. Curry (Red or Green) with Chicken - Sliced chicken breast, Thai curry paste, bamboo shoots, red and green bell peppers, basil leaves in coconut milk...$13.95
S4. Chicken Basil Fried Rice – Sautéed with basil, bell peppers, garlic, and onion...$13.95
S5. Pad Thai Chicken – Favorite Thai rice noodle dish, sautéed with chicken, egg, bean sprouts, green onions, tamarind sauce, served with ground peanuts...
S6. Pad See Eew Chicken – Soft flat rice noodles sautéed with chicken, egg, broccoli, and carrots in House sauce...$12.95

S7. Chicken Broccoli – Chicken sautéed with broccoli and carrots in brown sauce...$12.95
S8. Thai Fried Rice – Sautéed with chicken, egg, tomatoes, green and white onions,
​green peas, and carrot. Served with fresh cucumber...$12.95
S9. Sweet & Sour Pork, Thai Style – Pork sautéed with pineapple, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, and cucumber in Bangkok 54 Special sauce...$13.95


All selections (except fried rice or noodles) are served with steamed jasmine rice.  Substitution or addition of beef, pork, or tofu - additional $1.00 or $2.00 for shrimp.
Everything seasoned as you like, spice levels from None to 6

Bangkok 54 ThaiCuisine 


0 - None:  No hot pepper added during preparation.
1 - Mild:  The dish is given a hint of red pepper and garlic – just enough for a spicy tang.
2 - Medium: The dish is prepared with a touch of red peppers to give a small spicy kick.
3 - American Hot: The dish is given plenty of peppers to satisfy most customers’ craving for spicy food.
4 - Thai Hot:  The dish is loaded (perhaps overloaded) with enough peppers to make spice aficionados sweat. 
5 - Extremely Hot: The dish is only for those who can handle the volcano of spicy dishes – it’s unbelievably hot!
6 - 911 Hot!!  No explanation necessary.
Lunch Special Served Monday to Friday From 11 AM to 3 PM.

S10. Beef Sautéed with Thai Chili Paste
and Green Beans
S11. Thai Beef Salad  (Yum Neau) - Sliced beef seasoned with lime juice, onions, cucumber, tomato, and chili pepper served on a bed of green lettuce....$13.95
S12. Pepper Steak, Thai Style - Sliced beef sautéed in garlic sauce with onions, red and green bell peppers, and Thai chili peppers as desired....$13.95
Vegetarian Dishes
Meat ($1.00) or 3 shrimp ($2.00) may be added
S13. Mixed Fresh Vegetables Sautéed with House Sauce...$13.95
S14. Tofu Basil - Tofu sautéed with basil leaves, onion, red and green bell peppers in House sauce...$13.95
S15. Eggplant with Tofu and Basil - Battered eggplant topped with sautéed tofu, basil, and bell peppers in House sauce....$13.95
S16. Drunken Noodles - Soft, flat rice noodles sautéed in House sauce with
basil, bamboo shoots, tofu, celery, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, and onions....$13.95
S17. Pad Woon Sen - Stir-fried clear noodles with eggs, tomatoes, tofu, celery, broccoli, carrots, onions,  and bell peppers....$13.95